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We know that buying a house is a very important decision, that's why at Soto Legacy Group we offer you a correct orientation and advice so that you can find the house of your dreams at the best price.


We make sure to give you a detailed description of the properties. Likewise, we analyze and recommend the one that best fits your budget.


For Soto Legacy Group, diligence and responsibility are very important, that's why we have a

Quick system to schedule appointments and deliver documents easily and simply.


Soto Legacy Group is here to guide and advise you throughout the process. Our agents, managers, attorneys, mortgage professionals and other team members make your home our top priority!

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1.Contact us

We'll talk about the first details on what kind of property you're looking for, including style, price, and location.

2.Be pre-approved

You will need your paycheck stubs, your W2 forms and bank statements. Knowing what your budget is for the purchase of your home is a fundamental part for the purchase of your home to be successful.

3.Search for houses

This is the most fun part. The real estate agent consults the various directories and houses available. to later schedule appointments and show you the properties in which you are interested.

4. make a purchase offer

Your agent will prepare the offer according to the price and the terms you choose.


We will get the perfect negotiation, always looking for your best interest.

6.Under contract

You and the seller have agreed on the price and terms of the purchase. The house is now reserved for you to close the sale.

7.Final details

Before finalizing the process, several inspections must be carried out, such as the physical conditions of the house, in addition to reviewing the bank's financing terms and conditions.

8.The closing of the house

It is the transfer of funds and property. A title company or attorney normally acts as an independent facilitator to close the transaction.






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